Alex Giger

SPIRIT Foundation President
I am Alex, Robert's younger brother by 17 months. I am a graduate of Wootton High School's Class of 2009. From choirs and orchestras to duets at the local nursing home, growing up and playing music together with Robert has influenced my decision to pursue a career in music. I graduated from the University of Maryland School of Music, where I studied violin performance with James Stern. Robert shared his passion and love of music with me, always supporting me and encouraging me no matter what.

For most of our childhood, Robert and I always did the same things: tae kwon do, violin, Chinese school, singing, church choir, Landon, MCYO Orchestra, Peabody Orchestra, video games, going to the pool, playing and spectating baseball, trips to China, the list goes on. In the cars together for years and a couple hundred thousand miles. I will always cherish the memories of the times I had with him. I only wish I had the chance to have more now as two grown men, ready to take on the world. As President of the SPIRIT foundation, I can help Robert's spirit live on through this scholarship, this music commission, sponsored activities throughout the community, and building a better tomorrow, so that the next generation can realize their SPIRIT.
2014 Update: Alex is now studying for his Master's Degree in Violin Performance at the Royal Academy of Music in London, UK.