Ian Akisoglu

SPIRIT Foundation Board Chairman

Ian Akisoglu is a graduate of Thomas S. Wootton High School's class of 2008. He graduated from American University where he is studied history and economics. Ian grew up in France and Turkey, but spent his adolescent years in the United States. Recently, he has lived in Maryland, Washington D.C., California, and Florida. Professionally, Ian has worked as an investor in the financial and technology sectors since 2008, and aspires to a career in public service. Since graduating from American University, he has served as an officer in the United States Navy.  In his leisure time, Ian enjoys sailing, flying, and cycling. As chairman of the SPIRIT Foundation, Ian hopes to inspire the next generation of youth to selflessly serve the world in the same manner that Robert did through the SPIRIT Scholarship in addition to exposing the inadequacies of safety standards in NCAA track and field competition and increase the awareness surrounding said issue.