Sandy Giger                                                         忠杰

Thanks for finding your way to my page. I am Robert's mom. Robert was my first born son. He embodied beauty to me! My dear friend. I will spend the rest of my life remembering Robert at every moment. I will keep him close to my heart forever, as he was always in life. Despite losing Robert, I hope we can still make the world a better place, in honor of his memory.

There's something you should know. Robert's death was preventable. Preventable! Yes. Imagine. He could be with us now. How awesome would that be? That is the tragedy. The world lost its son, but it could have been prevented. I refer to the sport of pole vaulting where its athletes are exposed to life-ending risks because of lax safety practices and rules that do not address risks. I can't change the unwilling world alone, but together, will we garner the SPIRIT to effect changes to the safety rules for pole vaulting? What would Robert do (WWRD)? Robert would try to save lives, and not let another die.

I've had a respectful professional career, working in the federal government for my entire adult life. I could list achievements, but I might waste our time to write that list. I've visited many places too.
All these "outside" things pale by comparison to the "inside" life I had with my family, raising my good and faithful sons, Robert and Alex. Later on, William joined us.

Such joy as a mother is the greatest joy, because love is the reason for our existence over all else. The thrill of holding your baby, watching them grow, and laughing so hard you cried, time and time again. Guiding and protecting them. Now ended by the sadness of Robert leaving the earth before his time, and me not going first.

On behalf of Robert's father, Jeremy Yin, and I, we are deeply grateful for the hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who have contacted our family and friends, giving us sympathy and support in our grief.

Sandy Giger