Burrito Run--Fundraising Event for Robert Yin Scholarship

Saturday, November 27 · 1:00pm - 3:00pm

LocationWootton HS Track

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We're holding a burrito run at the Wootton track to raise money for a scholarship in honor of Robert Yin. It would really mean a lot to his family and friends if you all could come.

-individual burrito mile
-4x200m burrito relays
-4x400m burrito relays (tentative, depending on how many people are interested in running this one)

-Paricpants must show up with a burrito (roughly 1lb, from Chipotle or Qdoba)
-You are allowed to drink water (or whatever you wish, but water is probably best in terms of not vomiting) while eating the burrito
-Burritos will be eaten in the consumption zone behind the starting line (it is prohibited to vomit in this area)
-After eating the burrito (as fast as you can) you must open your mouth to show the judge that you have finished, and then run your event

Entry fees:
-To run: $3
-To watch: $3
(Remember, all money goes to the scholarship!)

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RUNNING: Please message Kerry Nisson or Veronica Salcido, or post on the wall of this event the following information:
-event you wish to run
-if it's a relay: the people in your relay, or if you would like us to find you a relay team
**There's no official registration for this event, you can still show up and run on Saturday without letting us know beforehand. However, it would help a great deal to tell us if you're pretty certain that you want to run.

At the track:
-There will also be a stand to collect any other donations.
-Jess Rinn ordered more W.W.R.D. bracelets, so if you didn't get one, know someone who wants one, or just want another one, they will be available for $5. All the money will go to the scholarship fund, so make sure to buy one! (If you can't make it but still want a bracelet, send Jess a message or post it on the event wall and she will contact you.)
-BE SPIRITED!! Wear something crazy, cheer on everyone running, and have fun!

PLEASE invite your friends (no running experience necessary)--we're trying to make this a big event. It will be a lot of fun, and I'm sure Robert will be laughing at us vomiting all over the track :)