The Robert Yin SPIRIT Foundation  
Where SPIRIT means
"Show Potential, Integrity, Responsibility, and Inspire Thousands!"

Robert watching the Wootton-Churchill football game, November 2007, with school spirit.
What is the Robert Yin SPIRIT Foundation?

Robert’s family and friends formed the Robert Yin SPIRIT Foundation Inc as a non-profit organization, to support educational and charitable work. Robert was a positive spirit, so the Foundation adopted the word “SPIRIT” in its name. Our mission is to promote initiatives that “Show Potential, Integrity, Responsibility, and Inspire Thousands.”

What is Foundation's purpose?
The Foundation supports educational and charitable projects as a means to grow SPIRIT amongst our youth and community. We host concerts, races, and dances that are SPIRIT-lifting and fund-raising activities.  We ask for donations, which are also tax-deductible contributions, from people and corporations.  Then we give gifts or grants back to schools and the community. We focus on the subjects of scholarship, music, performing arts, athletics, sports safety, and organ donation.

What is the Foundation doing in the present and future?
Here are some examples:
  • We are asking for donations to support the SPIRIT Scholarship.
  • Beginning in 2011, we will award the 1st annual SPIRIT Scholarship. This competitive scholarship will be given to a college bound Wootton High School senior. We pledge to continue the scholarship for at least ten years.
  • A music composer to write a piece of music for Strings and Chorus, to be performed by Wootton High School’s orchestra and chorus to perform Spring 2011!
  • We will be looking at the sport of pole vaulting, and the ways how Robert's death was preventable.  We will proposes changes to make the sport of pole vaulting safer so that future athletes do not risk their lives. We ask you to stand behind us, and have the passion to ask for change for the sake of saving lives.
  • In the Fall of 2010, Robert's parents planted 45 baby (12" tall) evergreen fir trees in Robert's old backyard. After another six to ten years when the trees are taller, the Foundation will sell Christmas trees to raise money for scholarships. Look for us towards the end of the decade.  Come, select, and cut-your-own (or dig a) fresh tree, and the money you spend will go to SPIRIT.
What is the legal status of the Foundation?
The Robert Yin SPIRIT Foundation Inc is incorporated in Maryland as a non-profit organization.  Corporate bylaws are written, and the Foundation's tax exempt status as a Section 501(c)(3) with the IRS is pending approval.
How are you a part of SPIRIT?
Many of the people who embrace the idea of SPIRIT, who help the Foundation, knew Robert personally. We remember Robert's example of contagious enthusiasm, school spirit, and selfless friendships.  We feel committed to continue encouraging positive values, fellowship, and civic behavior. You do not need to have known Robert while he was alive to be a part of SPIRIT initiatives or the Foundation.  Let SPIRIT be a reminder of how you are connected with your friends, school, and community.  We encourage you to  “Show Potential, Integrity, Responsibility, and Inspire Thousands.”

What can you do to help?
Help the Foundation and its initiatives, and SPIRIT will grow. Contact us if you want to talk more. Help in whatever way is best for you: 
  • Donate money to directly support the Foundation's charitable gifts.
  • Attend a SPIRIT event - such as a concert, a race, the semi-formal.
  • Come to the 2010 SPIRIT Scholarship Awards, a semi-formal banquet on May 29, 2010 for food, DJ music, and the awards ceremony.
  • Host a SPIRIT event. Robert's friends step forward to set examples of how to celebrate Robert's life, the very way Robert lived. Robert would surely have enjoyed it!  Yoshi hosted a 4X400m relay and T-shirt sale. Brad, Georgia, and too many name held a Rock for Robert concert. Henry composed the "Yin Elegy." Kerry, Jess, and Veronica had a Burrito Run, with sale of bracelets. These are wonderful excuses to get everyone together, just as if Robert were there too - and he was, in SPIRIT.
  • Volunteer time and effort to fund-raising events.
  • Suggest ways to give to educational and charitable causes.
  • Consider a student internship with the Board of Directors.
  • Join the Board of Directors, if you are active and passionate.
  • Sponsor and propose a giving project. If you have a desire to dedicate a charitable project in honor of something or someone - please contact us. The Foundation can help you sponsor a project - like a scholarship - in honor of whomever you choose. Your giving project does not need to be titled in Robert's name, so long as the cause is charitable and with SPIRIT.
Alex, mom, and Robert, May 2008
Who is in the Foundation?

Robert's brother Alex Yin, mother Sandra Giger, and friend Ian Akisoglu comprise the Foundation's Board of Directors. A small army of Robert's friends organize events, and are handy in making things happen. R
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