Giving the gift of SPIRIT will  
"Show Potential, Integrity, Responsibility, and Inspire Thousands!"

Why should you give to the SPIRIT Foundation?
The Foundation calls attention to real life examples of people who are known for their reliability, hard work, and loving friendships. The Foundation rewards scholarships to young people who represent Foundation values. We give to schools and charitable projects in the hopes that more and more people will be inspired to "Show Potential, Integrity, Responsibility, and Inspire Thousands!" If you want to help the Foundation reward people and organizations for their values, then support us.

If I donate money, how will it be used?
Presently 100% of all general giving goes directly to support the SPIRIT Scholarship. If you are interested to support a certain charitable endeavor - such as music, track, sports safety, etc. - you may target that directly. Simply specify your wishes at the time of donation. We welcome you to work with us on any special giving goals.

How do I donate money?
Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Here's how:
  • You may donate online using either Google Checkout or Paypal.
  • Or mail a check. Make the check payable to The Robert Yin SPIRIT Foundation Inc. Send your check either to Sun Trust Bank, 2433 Wootton Parkway, Rockville, MD 20850. Or mail to 1911 Dundee Road, Rockville, MD 20850.
What would Robert do?
Robert's mother would always say to Robert, "God gave you many gifts, so use them." Robert was truly blessed with many gifts. He was learning the confidence to master his gifts. With a positive attitude, even a weakness has a silver lining; it is a strength. Robert did not care to keep anything to himself. He was joyous only while sharing his gifts with his friends. Robert had physical gifts such as being handsome, and talented with sports, singing, dancing, and playing viola. We enjoyed him for that. Though, his inner gifts are what touched our hearts. The love behind his smile. Serving his friends and family faithfully. Lastly, in death, the vital organs in Robert's gifted body - his heart, two lungs, liver, two kidneys, and a pancreas - were donated to five organ recipients to give them a second chance at living. Moving forward with his example in our hearts, Robert would be proud that we have done our best.

Your gifts
What are your gifts? Helping SPIRIT to grow may come in many forms. The Foundation wishes to thank you for your gifts of money, time, effort, and talents. We acknowledge our donors for their Level of Giving with the SPIRIT Giving List below.

The Levels of Giving are:
  • Peace - over $5000
  • Pioneer - $1000 to $4999
  • Patriot - $500 to $999
  • Bear - $250 to $499
  • Friend - $100 to $249
  • Angel -  up to $99
  • SPIRIT - non-monetary contributions
Runners at the One-Mile Burrito Run, Wootton High School, November 27, 2010
The Burrito Run, Wootton HS, November 27, 2010