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Early March 2011, inspired by the new about the Paris street artist JR, winning the 2011 TED prize, Robert's mom submitted Robert's photo to www.InsideOutProject.netthe Inside Out Project. The submission was accepted in early April, 2011 Robert's face was posted, along with other from throughout the world here:  
In order to fully appreciate the scale and implications of this global collaborative art project, first, please take a moment to know more about JR, his past work and where JR is going with InsideOut. (The video is 24 minutes long and it is definitely worth it, but if you only have 5 minutes look here!) 

JR, Winner of the 2011 TED Prize

The photo of Robert is a black and white cropped version of Robert's Grinnell Track and Field team photo. It is probably taken in early 2010, because see how strong his neck looks? Even when Robert's pearly white teeth are beaming at us ina smile, we can still see love in his eyes. I cannot forget Robert.

It doesn't end here...

Now what?  If you watched the video already, you learn that JR's intent is to post faces of people outdoors throughout the world. Everyone participating in JR's InsideOut Project has committed to post the poster photo that they submitted somewhere outdoors.

Help! Answer this survey, and tell me...

Here's what you send to InsideOut:

I LIVE IN Rockville, Maryland, USA

MY STATEMENT: Be honest and genuine, to lead a happy and healthy life. Show your true self and create a better life for you and those around you.

MY STORY: Robert Yin wrote these words and took this photo two months before his death, at age 20. Robert was fun to be with, friendly, loyal, and loving towards friends. There is a hole in our hearts he once filled. We wonder, “What Would Robert Do?” The answer is easy to say and harder to do. The answer is: Do something great with your life. The answer is: Be true to yourself and do what is important to you. The answer is SPIRIT: Show Potential, Integrity, Responsibility, and Inspire Thousands. When you make a difference, you do something great. Even if you are feeling down, take a little step. However small, the difference you make is proof the world needs you. The greatest honor to Robert, is to remember him when you are at your best. Robert was declared brain dead May 17, 2010, after hitting his head while pole vaulting for Grinnell College at the NCAA Track Championships held at Illinois College. If Robert watches us, he lives vicariously through us when we do something good.

TAGS: Honesty, Friendship, Spirit