Let's Laugh Again 
by, Sandy, for the Rock for Robert Concert handout 

Let's laugh again, remembering when 
Friends made bracelets to remember Robert with his distinctive 'YEAAA BOI' cheer, and to raise money for scholarships.
I go the extra mile to make you smile. 
I tease you, hug and squeeze you.
You don’t need to be near to hear me cheer.

Running track, I got your back. 
We ran the hall. who made who fall?
A royal pain you wrapped my car in cellophane.
Chambers never bored us, coz we always joked in Chorus. 
How ‘bout those times, with the Singing Valentines?
I said we had a class project draft, 
but we were playing World of Warcraft. 
And why cry when we can catch fireflies? 
Senior Planners on Homecoming Day Fall 2007.
Dancing and bromancing.

Hey ya, hahaha! Yeah Boi!

I have a serious side too, I love you.
Be strong and don’t do wrong.
You will succeed. Do good deeds.
In the end, be honest and genuine. 

Robert began playing violin little-by-little after age 5, here he is about age 8.

Robert at Brookside Gardens, May 2008