Poem, By Bobby Long 
Written May 8, 2011. Bobby said, "With the anniversary of Rob's passing coming up, I wrote this for your family..." 
It has been a year, Rob
You’d now be 21 years old
I think constantly of you
and all the stories you once told

Not a day goes by
I do not think of you
and it will never change
until the day my life is through

Your life ended too abruptly
We couldn’t believe the truth
Not one of us was ready for a world
without someone as amazing as you

Everyone was affected 
by hearing of your loss
We’d do anything to get you back
at any and all cost

Sometimes I wonder where you are 
and how you fill your days
At least I know God cares for you 
in all His loving ways

I know He must laugh
on even His worst days
when you act totally ridiculous
and mention to Him “Thats okay”

As I sit and ponder of you
I have so many questions 
For instance, how is it possible
you left such an impression

How do things work up there
way up in the sky
When one of us is feeling sad 
are you allowed to just drop-by

Can you see us constantly, 
or just when we are feeling bad
Do you know when we are happy
or just when we are mad

Do you play games in heaven
like hop from cloud to cloud
When you see something funny
can you laugh out loud
Do you miss the feel of sand 
and grass upon your feet
Are you responsible for setting 
up heaven’s track meets

Do you hold concerts for everyone
with your astounding voice
When you sing for them
do even the angels rejoice

Can you hear the songs we sing
as we think of you
Do people get sick in heaven
Can they catch the flu

Who do you hang out with 
up there the most
Do you split your time
between the angels and the ghosts

What kind of classes 
does God himself teach
When I fly in a plane 
are you just out of my reach

Do you have a lot of time
for the things you did not learn
Can you play with fire up there
and not get burned

When the sun is out are you
overwhelmed by its heat
When God calls for a meeting
can you get a seat

Can you stop a rain drop 
and tell it where to fall
Is it even possible to 
hit God’s curveball. 

Is there a special number
to reach you on the phone
Are there quiet places
you go to be alone

Do you walk on rainbows
till the colors stain your feet 
Will the angels know my name
when at last we meet
Are you really far away
or always very close
Is heaven bright and sunny
or in the winter does it snow

Can you pole vault to the moon 
or other planets in the sky
Do you now know the answer 
to the eternal question why

Do you hear me sing Insomniac
and know I sing to you
Are there still big dinosaurs
Does heaven have a zoo

Are the clouds really bouncy
Can you jump really high
Now that you have wings
please tell me you can fly

Can you lift a mountain
if only you dare try
When there’s forest fires
does smoke get in your eyes

Can you swim the seven seas
and never take a breath
Can you light a candle
inside a robin’s nest

If I am weak and lost
can you lead me where to go
When a tree is chopped down
can you help a new one regrow

As I walk the unseen road
balancing my fear
If I start to falter
will you whisper in my ear

Do you long for the day 
we will meet again
Do you know how much I cherish
you being my friend

Do you know the answer to one last question
I really hope you do
Do you know Robert Giger
how much I love and I miss you.