“What Would Robert Do?”
"W.W.R.D." That's the question on the Livestrong bracelet (opposite "Yeaaa Boi!").

Maybe the answer is: Do something great with your life.

Or using Robert's EXACT words as he concluded his February 1, 2010 essay, "I will create a better life for myself and those around me."
Easy to say and harder to do. It starts with your attitude to be open, be real, and then trying becomes more effortless. How about you?

When you make a difference, you do something great. Even just take a little step. However small, the difference you make is proof the world needs you. When you help, when you have passion: You do great things.

The greatest honor to Robert, is to remember him when you are at your best. Just as the baseball player points to the sky when he hits a home run, there can be no greater honor to Robert and your friendship than to remember Robert fondly when you are at the top of your game. That's the message to Robert's loved ones, "Have a wonderful life, and while you are at it, THANK You for remembering him too in your happiness." Robert is like the patron saint of Joy (not Pity). I'm sure he will be happy when you are. 

I wear my bracelet, and I wear it proud!  "Yeaaa Boi!", go forth and do good! 

Mother's Note

It is difficult to have very happy times. Just at the moment when you feel pleasure, then you feel the pain of missing Robert. And I realize: that's how it will always be [for me]. So be it! And I thank Robert. What greater honor can I give to Robert than to remember him when I am at my best? Well, I think of Robert so much that I think of him in always, good or bad times. But, would Robert want to be remembered exclusively when you are down and out? No, of course not! He would be happy to share in our joy. If I can learn to enjoy life (and after missing him it is not easy), and remember Robert thankfully during a positive thought, then I hope that I will increase my chances of meeting Robert again if I make it over to "his side". To make that possible, to have faith, that is how I will "keep the connection alive" (Remembering him in connection with positive moments). Wouldn't it be nice if you could go to heaven and see your best friends and loved ones?! Connected in life and death, we wait for each other.