Great Performances

This page describes Robert's musical life. 

It might take years show Robert, because older videos are in obsolete formats. Please look again because this page will only get better with time.  Thank you for your patience!  (Still looking a video for Robert singing "I Can't Help Falling in Love" at Mr. Wootton.)

Gyula David's Viola Concerto 3rd Mvt., March 2008

Viola, Bach Suite No. 3, Feb. 16, 2007

We dedicate this page to:  Linda Pannabaker (St. Luke's Lutheran Church), Nick White (Washington National Cathedral), Tad Cavuoti (Christ Espiscopal Church), Michael Wu (Landon School), Justin Boyer (Peabody Prep), Carla Ingram (Wootton HS), Don Wiggins (Private Voice), and Phyllis Freeman (Peabody Prep).  These wonderful music teachers shaped Robert's musical world, from age 2-20.