The 2012-2013 SPIRIT Scholarship - The SPIRIT Scholarship is an award to a college-bound senior from Thomas Spriggs Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland.
Thank You, WHS Class of 2013! 
In 2013, Fourteen Wootton Seniors wrote in response to...

Robert Yin said, "I will create a better life for myself and others." Craft a speech and story about your idea or work to make a better life.
Thank you, Class of 2013, it's a privilege to know you!

Erica, a ballerina, in B'nai B'rith, shares her wisdom, “to save a life is to have saved the entire world." Jenna, your loved ones rely on your consistency and your strong yet ordinary salt-of-the-earth self. Susan, people would entrust their lives in your capable hands. Aaron and Will, you are Robert's soulmates and his loving, adopted brothers. Kyla remembers the less fortunate so that they will not be left behind. Harrison has a vision to make better living spaces for home and community, that are symbiotic with our personal values and land use. William gives witness to faith by helping people - at home and worldwide - to improve their lives as they enrich his life in return. Chengyu is maximizing the opportunities afforded him by giving back many times over to those with less privilege. Carly gives the gift of her friendship unconditionally to people with developmental disabilities. Joshua, was a WHS Track & Field Captain - like Robert, who sets examples that inspires and encourages many others to be the best person they can be. Nina is an active multi-talented volunteer and budding engineer, who will make the world a better place by creating new places through architecture. Ariana is exploring that special poetic passion and beauty of the heart that is the arts and music. Lianna reaches across far geographic distances to simultaneously learn from and give help to other less-developed cultures.

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2013 SPIRIT: Who are James Liu and Harrison Blackman?"

James shopping for Operation Fly

SPIRIT Scholar 2013, James Chengyu Liu 
The SPIRIT Foundation asked a team of WHS teachers to select the 2013 SPIRIT Scholar. Among all highly-qualified and deserving candidates, the team selected Chengyu James Liu, as the 2013 SPIRIT Scholar. The Foundation chose Harrison Blackman, as the video award winner. Liu, from a family of first generation Chinese immigrants, attended elementary school in Beijing, then middle school in Argentina before moving to the Wootton community in 2008. Despite his recent arrival, Liu has served as Robert Frost Middle School's SGA president and Wootton Class of 2013's Freshman President. His Sophomore year, Liu relinquished his leadership streak and joined Operation Fly Inc., a dwindling high school nonprofit that helps the homeless. Under his leadership as CEO, Operation Fly revitalized to include over 100 members across 12 high schools in Montgomery County. Among his accomplishments for the nonprofit are winning a $2500 grant, securing features in local newspapers and leading numerous student food distributions to Washington DC. Asides from his community service, Liu possesses esteemed academic credentials among his peers and participates in varsity athletics all year around. He has also received numerous accolades from Wootton including the Hall of Fame Award his junior year, given to only one student out of over 600 in the class of 2013, for his academics, athletics, leadership and community service. The foundation believes Liu to embody the qualities that Robert Yin stood for and wishes him best luck in his future endeavors.