2013-2014 Application Criteria and Process 

The 2013-2014 SPIRIT Scholarship
The Robert Yin SPIRIT Foundation Inc. is excited to host the 4th Annual SPIRIT Scholarship. The scholarship is a $5000 award given annually to a Thomas S. Wootton High School graduating senior who demonstrates school spirit, positive attitude, leadership qualities, and community involvement. As an acronym, SPIRIT stands for “Show Potential, Integrity, Responsibility, and Inspire Thousands!” The young SPIRIT Scholar who wins this award represents such values. 

30 Applications Accepted on a 1st-Come Basis
Only the first thirty applications will be accepted. Once fifty applications are received, the ability to apply will be closed. The application process includes submitting an application, and writing about personal values. The online application and recommendation for the SPIRIT are open between February 7 and Sunday, April 6, 2014. The SPIRIT Foundation has asked staff from WHS to nominate a handful of students this year, in order to help with outreach and to encourage students to apply. However, all student are welcome to apply.

Tips for a winning submission
The typical Wootton kid is like Robert and his good friends. You are happy, talented, brimming with energy, and ready to capture the world. Show us how you “Show Potential, Integrity, Responsibility, and Inspire Thousands!” Neatness counts, so proofread your writing before you submit. Touch on each criteria. Specifically address the question asked of you in the writing element. We do NOT want only a high-achieving resume or GPA, per se, we want good moral character and a loving personality.
You can Win the 2014 SPIRIT Scholarship.
Write an essay first, do a video later...

Robert Yin said, "I will create a better life for myself and others." 

Share YOUR speech and story about YOUR idea.

Dedication to diversity
Wootton students are recognized for their high achievements in science, humanities, music, arts, and sports. Wootton's students represent a diverse community of ethnic, national, and religious backgrounds. The Foundation encourages students from diverse educational and personal backgrounds to apply - as Robert, after whom the scholarship is dedicated, would want.

Privacy Policy
SPIRIT Foundation values your privacy and will not release your email or personally identifying information to 3rd parties. The identities of SPIRIT Scholarship applicants are confidential, and are known only to the Foundation member and a team of Wootton HS staff who are helping with the scholarship process. Your application may be subject to fact checking during the judging process. The name and essay/speech of the winners will be announced publicly first at the WHS awards assembly in May 2014, and on the www.RememberRobert.org website. The winning video will be viewed over the internet on YouTube.